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Is the Premiere League title race already over?

Is the 2019/2020 Premier League title race already over?

Its a ridiculously early question to ask, but just look at the facts.

Liverpool are already 8 points clear, with Manchester City needing to win 3 games more than Liverpool to get to top.

And Manchester City just lost to Wolves, currently placed 11th. And Wolves
Wolves missed three one-on-one chances against keeper Ederson in the first half. Manchester in general is having a pretty bad run with football at the moment.

Can Manchester City claw their way back against a Liverpool team that looks unstoppable, not having lost a game in the last 17 games?

Liverpool only lost one league game in 2018-19, and have only conceded 6 goals in 8 matches so far, so it’s clear how hard they are to beat.
Liverpool’s run at home is currently the longest unbeaten stretch in the Premier League.